Campus Features and Facilities

In a dynamic age when career paths need to be flexible, open-ended and responsive to changes, our primary purpose is to prepare our students to become competent, responsible professionals. We are different from the traditional academies in three ways: firstly, the faculty members have extensive experience and tutors are actively engaged in their professional life. Secondly, each of our programs provides detailed insight into the practical aspects of its specialty. And thirdly, our distinctive case studies give students practical experience in solving real problems.

Seminars on special topics, where specialists interact with DIHM students on current issues of today's world, are held regularly. The issues could be of economic, political, environmental, technological, or social nature. These sessions encourage students curiosity and allow them to receive detailed information and a specialist's opinion about particular issues.... read more

Our Training Programs

Our training programs allow students to put their skills into the real test in order to gain a better understanding of working in such a challenging and charming industry. Integrating industry training into the education program prepares our students with the right tools and skills needed to succeed and gives them the edge they need ahead of other graduates with no practical experience.

The extensive hands-on training our students receive gives them access to a wide range of careers in hotels, resorts, cruise liners, food and beverage, tour operators, travel agents, sport and leisure, consulting, teaching, training, and other areas.

Career guidance and counseling is an integral element of the DIHM experience. Chain organizations, cruise liners and major hotels visit DIHM regularly to present their organizations and recruit graduates.

Chairman's message

Dear Students,

The real expectation of learning consists not in seeking innovation but need to bent of mind. Every learner has got inhibited talents. It is core where blood circulates to various organs and sufficient to the mind where the entire body functions by it & towards to fulfill the dream of individual.

Wants are of many but accurate want has to be appreciated and accepted continental. Decision making is a difficult task but when determined takes a decision about career makes task easy. We are committed to carve the careers of individuals who are in dilemma and therefore only satisfactory settlement. No one can achieve the goal of his dream but being along with the goal, experience, satisfaction, mastery could be gained. For such achievement “Deepthi Institute of Hotel Management” is here for you to make successful in reaching your destiny.

Hence you are the true generation of your ancestors and make them feel proud.

With Best Regards,

U.P Raju

Our Mission

  • To provide elegant professionals for an industry which grows rapidly.
  • To induce culture of Indian hospitality, high quality standards and familiarity with continental proportions.
  • To mould experts at ease in the competitive environment of the globe.
  • In an era of an intense competition and rapid fluctuated changes, one needs foresight, creativity, broad spectrum knowledge, fearlessness and absolute willingness.
  • "Deepthi Institute of Hotel Management" embraced these new strategies on honing students who finds a ready acceptance around the globe.
  • Dividends and incentives are extracts of professionals for which Deepthi Institute of Hotel Management strives, emphasizes and achieves.