Why should I choose DIHM?

The reasons are numerous but your bright future is definitely the best reason. We specialize in Hotel Management and offer a comprehensive range of subjects that are indispensable for anyone desiring to pursue a career as a manager in the hospitality industry. DIHM’s method is working, bringing quality staff to international establishments.

How many students are there per class?
There are around 25 students per class. Smaller classes mean that the teaching staff have more time to dedicate to students. Does DIHM offer any Other classes as part of the curriculum? yes, DIHM offers Communication and Personality Development Classes and Soft skills along with the academics.
Are students briefed and prepared just before they finish the course and leaving for placement?

Yes, DIHM after successful completion of course, we offers practical advice to all students before they arrive in France. Even throughout the application process students are provided with prompt precise information and guidance.

Are there career advisors at DIHM?

Yes, we offer careers advice at DIHM to all students. Our career advisors are ready to direct you in the right direction and listen to you. A lot of students are interested in talking to an advisor about their future career paths.

What services does the Student Service Centre offer?

The Student Service Centre is a department which offers a range of services and information to students. In order to facilitate the personal and study integration of students at DIHM and in particularly Nîmes, the Student Service Centre provides additional dedicated services and activities. Orientation week with assistance on all administrative work: how to open a bank-account and apply for a student residency permit Introduction to the French way of life and helpful information about the city of Nîmes Guided visit of the old city of Nîmes and its surroundings Organization of many sports and leisure activities during days, evenings and week-ends: seaside, outings, winter sports, golf, wine tasting… Organization of social and cultural events on campus and in Nîmes Assistance with internship placements and part-time jobs Counseling service to assist students with any personal or academic issues that may arise

What is the closing date for applications for enrolment?

The closing date for applications is approximately two weeks prior to the commencement of each semester.

Is attendance at classes required?

Attendance is required in all courses. Please note that attendance is a visa requirement for international students.

How long does it take to complete a course?

Each course comprises approximately 20 weeks of study.

How much does the course cost?

Course fees are published in our Course Timetable. Fees vary from course to course however our fees include; Tuition, uniforms, tools, text books and educational excursions.

Is AUSTUDY or YOUTH Allowance available?

Yes, each of the courses to Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management are registered for these government assistance schemes.

Is FEE Help (Hecs) available?

All Degrees are having bank loan facility.

Can the fees be paid by installment?

Most students and parents may select to pay their fees by installment throughout the course of studies. Our payment by installment includes an opportunity to break the course costs into 3 payments throughout each semester.

What is included in the fees?

Course fees includes ; Tuition, uniforms, tools, text books and educational excursions along with communication and personality development classes.

Is there extra support for students who struggle with their course?

The Deepthi Institute of Hotel Management has available a number of extra curricular support services and facilities for students including; English Language support sessions for International Students. Study Support Lessons (Guided individual support) Job Search Workshops to ensure all students are employed throughout their studies and are assisted in gaining a wide variation in experience while they complete their studies.

What is the timetable for study?

The timetable will vary slightly from semester to semester, however the current study timetable is published in your Introductory Guide, which will be supplied to you on Orientation Day.

What do I need to do to enroll?

The enrolment process is a simple one and is clearly outlined on the pages for local students and international students.

Do we have to wear the Uniform?

Yes. All students are required to wear the uniform which is a professional business suit. This uniform is selected for its appropriateness to the dress standards of the international hospitality and tourism industries.